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amie sulprizio

As a very young child Amie recognized the importance of good design.  By the age of 12 years old she had designed & drafted a scaled drawing of her first dream home.  This led to pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Interior Architecture at California College of the Arts.  After starting a family, this stay at home mom found a creative outlet through photography.  This led to a successful career but Amie quickly realized photography was a two dimensional form of her true passion, interior design. Understanding that photography has similar elements through composition and attention to detail, Amie put down her camera in 2013 to start pursuing a career in Interior Architecture.


Appreciating a wide variety of styles, she considers her personal style to be transitional, creating visually stimulating spaces with balance.  Amie’s gift of foreseeing future trends in color and materials allows her to design spaces that are current, yet timeless.  She has the unique ability to understand the language of clients and contractors. Gifted with unusual hands-on experience in fabrication, furniture design, upholstery, woodworking, and tile setting allows Amie to act as the bridge between the client and contractor.


Current hobbies include painting and flower arrangements because they incorporate color, composition & texture. These two forms of creative expression allow Amie to express beauty through different mediums capturing texture, color and composition.  

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